2016 GEO BON Open Science Conference & All Hands Meeting

July 4-8, 2016 | Leipzig, Germany

The GEO BON Open Science Conference & All Hands Meeting will be a major event to bring together all of those interested in developing biodiversity monitoring programs, biodiversity observations research, and sound biodiversity management. The first 2½ days will be organized as an Open Science Conference, with oral and poster presentations in parallel sessions.

There will be also some keynotes from renown speakers. This conference is an opportunity to open GEO BON to anyone interested in joining our community. The second 2½ will be the All Hands Meeting and organized as parallel workshops on specific topics. These workshops may have products (e.g. a guide to monitor an EBV) and/or may lay out a work plan for a working group for 2016-2019. The All Hands Meeting is open to everybody active or wanting to be active in GEO BON.

Keynote Speakers

Professionals from around the globe

Patty Balvanera

National University of Mexico

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David Cooper

Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)


Maria Dornelas

University of St Andrews


Matthew Hansen

University of Maryland

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